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The third trimester is finally here!


Week 28 | +22 lbs

I’m excited to have finally arrived at the third trimester! The second seemed significantly longer than the first, though likely because my husband and I didn’t find out until Week 5. To honor the arrival of the final phase of my pregnancy, I wanted to make note of the changes in my body that I’ve already noticed these past few days:

  1. Swollen feet and legs. With the first day of the third trimester this past Sunday came swelling more severe than I’d ever experienced before in my life! I attributed it, in part, to the fact that I spent a lot of time out with friends this past weekend, and didn’t drink enough water or eat as well as I usually do. I spent the last few days making sure to drink more water as well as my daily green juices, and eat nutrient-dense salads for lunch and well-balanced meals in the evenings, which has seemed to help.
  2. More punches and kicks as well rolls too!  I’ve noticed that our daughter has increased her activity in utero particularly over the past two weeks. Two nights ago, I woke up in the middle of the night to our baby’s foot in my side, and could actually feel the entire foot with my hand!  She’s most active in the early morning just as I’m waking up, perhaps because I start to stir at that time. Additionally, I’ve been feeling her start to roll around in my belly–the sensation is incredible!
  3. Less sleep. All the movement in my belly also wakes me up more–I seem to be hyper aware of the movement.  Unfortunately, this means I’m sleeping less these days, and much more tired during the day. Is this when the pregnancy starts to become difficult again? I truly hope not.
Ultrasound with baby's face, 5/5/14

Ultrasound with baby’s face, 5/5/14

On another note, I’m finally counting down the final days until the Delaware Marathon, which is this Sunday!  The marathon will be my husband’s first, my third to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team In Training, and, most excitingly, our baby’s first!! I’m a bit nervous, given the amount of time it will take for me to complete the race, but excited too!

Month 7 Belly Photo, 5/7/14

Month 7 Belly Photo, 5/7/14

Week 27 (4/27-5/3) training: 18 miles 

Sunday: Rest
Monday: Spin
Tuesday: Yoga
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 5 miles
Friday: 10 miles
Saturday: 3 miles

Author: pregnantathlete

My name is Stephanie, and I was born and still live in New York City. I'm an avid distance runner, cyclist, snowboarder, swimmer and yogini (though I'm taking a break from some of these activities right now). It just so happens my active interests feed my love of food and traveling too! Oh! And did I mention that I'm pregnant...again? I also own a yoga studio, Sacred Sounds Yoga, in lower Manhattan. We offer classes in array of styles, including vinyasa, yin, Mysore ashtanga and Unnata Aerial Yoga. We also have prenatal, postnatal and kids yoga classes too!

2 thoughts on “The third trimester is finally here!

  1. Hi! I’m really enjoying browsing WordPress and reading other people’s pregnancy experiences, having recently started blogging … you’re about one month ahead of me … so I’m curious to read what lies ahead!

    Mightily impressed that you’re about to do a marathon. I still cycle and do yoga but didn’t have the existing stamina to keep running – good for you – bet its helped you keep healthy throughout.

    Good luck for Sunday & I’ll enjoy reading how its gone!

    • Hi Milly,

      Thanks for the note! I took a quick look at your blog so far, and look forward to following your journey as well! “Preggo brain” is my husband’s favorite term these days, coincidentally! It’s amazing how forgetful we do become during these months!

      Thanks for Sunday–I’ll certainly be recapping it soon!

      All the best!

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