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Pregnancy yoga photo shoot with Robert Sturman!

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Week 30 | +24 lbs

Two and a half weeks ago, my husband and I had the pleasure of meeting with Califorinia-based Robert Sturman for a pregnancy yoga photo shoot in the Greenwich Village while Robert was in town for a few weeks! I have been a huge fan of Robert’s work since I discovered it in the New York Times two years ago, and have been stalking his Facebook page ever since. Since then, he’s captured mesmerizing photos of the Africa Yoga Project, Prison Yoga Project, and yogis worldwide.  When he inquired about offering a yoga photography workshop at a studio in New York City on his Facebook page last June, I immediately responded! I was happy to learn how humble and compassionate he is during our initial phone conversation, and was thrilled when he decided to offer his special workshop at my studio!

It was a true honor to see him again, and have him document my pregnancy at our recent shoot.  I will now forever and always look be able to look at these photos, and recall this special time in my husband and my lives.  All photos below were taken by Robert Sturman on May 6, 2014 at 28 weeks pregnant. Some of his photos from his recent trip are currently featured in MindBodyGreen’s “Yoga In The Heart of New York City,” including one he took of me.





Week 29 (5/11-17) training: 37.2 miles 

Sunday: 26.2 miles
Monday: Spin
Tuesday: Yoga
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 5 miles
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 6 miles

Author: pregnantathlete

My name is Stephanie, and I was born and still live in New York City. I'm an avid distance runner, cyclist, snowboarder, swimmer and yogini (though I'm taking a break from some of these activities right now). It just so happens my active interests feed my love of food and traveling too! Oh! And did I mention that I'm pregnant...again? I also own a yoga studio, Sacred Sounds Yoga, in lower Manhattan. We offer classes in array of styles, including vinyasa, yin, Mysore ashtanga and Unnata Aerial Yoga. We also have prenatal, postnatal and kids yoga classes too!

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