The Pregnant Athlete

Learning To Embrace My Changing Pregnant Body While Swimming, Biking, Running & Practicing Yoga

Bucket List (est. 2005)

No. Items Category Progress
1 Skydive Sports & Adventure 2009
2 Live overseas for an extended period of time Lifestyle & Culture
3 Scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef in Australia Travel & Leisure
4 Qualify for the Boston Marathon Sports & Adventure
5 Learn a second language fluently Personal Dev
6 Marry my true love Relationships 2011
7 Experience the birth of my child(ren) Relationships  2014
8 See a Galapagos tortoise Travel & Leisure
9 Complete graduate school Personal Dev
10 Learn to cook well Personal Dev
11 Lead a successful career Career & Finance 2011
12 Run a marathon in all 50 states Sports & Adventure WIP
13 Run a marathon in all 7 continents Sports & Adventure WIP
14 Meet an elephant in Thailand Travel & Leisure 2012
15 Go on a safari in or near South Africa Travel & Leisure
16 See Angkor Wat in Cambodia Travel & Leisure
17 Climb a big mountain, be it Mt Hood, Ranier, Kilimanjaro or Everest Sports & Adventure
18 Surf a big wave Sports & Adventure
19 Walk along the Great Wall of China Travel & Leisure 2004
20 Go on a volunteer vacation Personal Dev
21 Ride a camel to the Great Pyramids of Giza Travel & Leisure
22 Climb the Eiffel Tower in Paris Travel & Leisure 2011
23 Stay at a villa in Tuscany Personal Dev
24 Devote more time to community service Personal Dev 2011
25 Maintain a healthy and active lifestyle Lifestyle & Culture 2008
26 Pay respects to The Buddha in Nepal Personal Dev
27 Visit the Taj Mahal in India Travel & Leisure
28 Visit Acropolis and the Greek islands Travel & Leisure
29 Go on a road trip by car in the US Sports & Adventure  2015
30 Visit the US National Parks, including Grand Canyon, Yellowstone and Yosemite Travel & Leisure WIP
31 Hike the Incan Trail in Macchu Picchu Sports & Adventure
32 Dance the tango in Argentina Travel & Leisure
33 Scuba dive in a Mexican cenote Sports & Adventure 2009
34 Scuba dive with sharks Sports & Adventure 2008
35 Have a heartfelt conversation with my dad Relationships 2013
36 Explore my spirituality Personal Dev
37 Visit Vietnam again Travel & Leisure
38 Achieve my ideal weight Lifestyle & Culture WIP
39 Buy a home Career & Finance  2013
40 Learn to play a team sport well Sports & Adventure
41 Explore my artistic side and display my artwork Personal Dev  2013
42 Go camping Sports & Adventure 2013
43 Participate in the Tour de France Sports & Adventure
44 Organize a charitable event Personal Dev 2011
45 Explore a live volcano Sports & Adventure 2005
46 Learn to play an instrument well Personal Dev
47 Ride in a helicopter Sports & Adventure
48 See the glaciers in Alaska Travel & Leisure
49 Rock climb Sports & Adventure
50 Learn to drive a car Personal Dev
51 Zipline in Costa Rica Sports & Adventure 2006
52 Witness the Northern Lights in Norway Travel & Leisure
53 See the Grandfather Clock in London Travel & Leisure
54 Experience every 3-Michelin star restaurant in the US (3 consecutive years) Lifestyle & Culture
55 Snowboard in powder out West Sports & Adventure 2011
56 Visit the Holy City of Jerusalem Personal Dev
57 Hike through the Amazon Rainforest Travel & Leisure
58 Go on a gastranomy tour of Europe Lifestyle & Culture
59 Visit New Zealand, the land of the LOTR Travel & Leisure
60 Start my own business in something I love Career & Finance 2011
61 Win the lottery Career & Finance
62 Live each and every day to the fullest Personal Dev WIP
63 Learn to listen before I speak Relationships WIP
64 Show my family and friends how much they mean to me everyday Relationships WIP
65 Practice yoga Lifestyle & Culture 2008
66 Shake hands with President Barack Obama Lifestyle & Culture
67 Watch a live taping of Oprah Lifestyle & Culture
68 Meet the Dalai Lama Lifestyle & Culture
69 Write an article for a major publication Personal Dev
70 Receive a scholarship or grant for literary or humanitarian work Personal Dev
71 Become a millionaire Career & Finance
72 Donate unwanted clothes and shoes to charities Personal Dev 2012
73 Make a difference in at least one person’s life Personal Dev 2011
74 Buy organic and/or local food when given the choice Personal Dev 2013
75 Maintain a blog of an aspect of my life Personal Dev 2014
76 Sail or cruise around a part of the world Travel & Leisure
77 Sleep in a castle Travel & Leisure 2011
78 Become a cheese connoisseur Lifestyle & Culture
79 Go on a wine tasting in Napa Travel & Leisure
80 Lead an extraordinarily creative life Personal Dev 2011
81 Send my children to college debt-free Career & Finance
82 Retire early Lifestyle & Culture
83 Read books whenever I have free time Personal Dev WIP
84 Go on a backpacking trip Sports & Adventure
85 Scuba dive in the Egyptian Red Sea Sports & Adventure
86 Swim with dolphins Sports & Adventure 2006
87 Go whale-watching Sports & Adventure
88 Plant a garden Lifestyle & Culture
89 Watch an Olympic event live Sports & Adventure
90 Eat sushi in Tokyo Travel & Leisure
91 Photograph the Sahara desert Travel & Leisure
92 Pursue my passions Personal Dev 2011
93 Watch a concert from the front row Lifestyle & Culture
94 Experience weightlessness Sports & Adventure
95 Break a Guiness world record Personal Dev
96 Complete the Ironman Sports & Adventure 2013
97 Trace my ancestry Personal Dev
98 Celebrate Chinese New Year in China Travel & Leisure
99 Ride a bicycle in lieu of public transportation or a car for short distances Personal Dev  2013
100 Seize the day Personal Dev WIP

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