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Bon Giorno! Babymooning from Italy!

Week 19 | +?lbs

Bon Giorno from Roma! I had booked a surprise 30th birthday vacation for my husband last October before we were pregnant. Who would’ve thought then that the trip would also become our babymoon? Thankfully, it worked out well that we’re on travel during my second trimester! Surprisingly, walking has been quite challenging–perhaps the extra weight on my feet for long periods is the issue–but running has still been great, though I’m much slower than I used to be pre-pregnancy already.


Morning run around the Coloseum, Palantine Hill and the Roman Forum, 3/7/14

I’ll likely continue the weight gain on the trip given the copious amounts of pasta, pizza and gelato my husband and I have been eating.  Aside from not being able to drink wine, I can’t imagine a more perfect place to spend our babymoon! And the running sights will be beautiful. More details on our trip to Rome, Florence and Venice when we return to stateside in a week!


Gelato at Palazzo del Freddo Giovanni Fassi, 3/7/14

Week 18 (2/23-3/1) training: 25 miles

Sunday: 12 miles
Monday: Spin
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Yoga
Saturday: 13 miles