The Pregnant Athlete

Learning To Embrace My Changing Pregnant Body While Swimming, Biking, Running & Practicing Yoga

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Training for a marathon while sick…and pregnant.

18 Weeks | +12 lbs

Two Thursdays ago.  I awoke with a slight sore throat, and realized that my immune system would soon be battling a virus.  Despite the fact that it was uncomfortable to swallow, the sun was out, and I couldn’t help but to go for a 5-mile run home from work that evening.  Scheduled: 5 miles easy, completed.

Two Fridays ago. The sore throat worsened, and a fever developed by that evening.  I canceled a yoga audition I had with a prospective teacher for my yoga studio, and dragged my butt to my parents’ for family dinner. Scheduled: Yoga, canceled.


Dinner at My Parents’, 2/21/14

Last Saturday. The fever subsided, but I only felt worse.  I was scheduled to work all weekend at my studio, and couldn’t find coverage, and, so, I went to work, feeling bitter and annoyed that there are no such things as “sick days” when you own your own business. Somehow, I felt better by the end of the day, perhaps because of the 50-degree weather we had, after a winter chock full of snow storms and below freezing temperatures, and, so, I ran 5 miles home! Scheduled: 5 miles easy, completed.

Sunday. It was 50 degrees and beautiful out, so I went for my 12-mile long run with my husband to have Dim Sum with his family from Brooklyn to Flushing, Queens. Along the way, we ran through Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, which was location for the 1964 World’s Fair and is usually well-manicured, but was a mess that day–there were goose droppings, slush and puddles everywhere. It made for an entertaining but messy end for our run! Scheduled: 12 miles long, completed.


Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, 2/22/14

Monday. I felt the same as I did on Sunday, and went to met with my mom for our weekly spin class at Flywheel Sports. Scheduled: Spin, completed.

Tuesday. I awoke feeling much worse than I had earlier in the week.  Plus, the Polar Vortex was on its way to NYC that evening again, and it was, once again, a bitter 20-degrees outside. I faced the fact that my body needed another remedy other than training–rest! Scheduled: Yoga and Team In Training Group Training Session, both canceled.

Wednesday. I continued to feel worse, and went to sleep even earlier that evening. Scheduled: 5 miles easy, canceled.

Thursday. While I was slightly better, I opted for more rest and sleep. Scheduled: 5 miles tempo, canceled.

Conclusion? Marathon training is entirely about the bigger picture. While I try to make all my scheduled workouts, I won’t do so if it means my health will suffer. If I’m not feeling great, rest is usually what my body needs.  I take each day as it comes.  Instead of beating myself up over missing my scheduled workouts last week, I was able to pick up again with the yoga audition class yesterday, and completed the Frozen Penguin Half Marathon this morning, my first half marathon for two!


My Husband and Me at the Frozen Penguin Half Marathon, 3/1/14

Week 17 (2/16-22) training: 23 miles

Sunday: 13 miles
Monday: Spin
Tuesday: Yoga
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 5 miles
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 5 miles